Step into your sensitivity, step into your heart!

Take a deep journey into the power of sensitivity.

With over 30 video lesson and practical exercises, you'll gain a clear understanding of what sensitivity is, dispel common misconceptions, and discover why it truly is a superpower. 

You'll then have the knowledge and practices to confidently step into your sensitivity in a stable and grounded way, allowing you to navigate life's challenges with newfound resilience.

Deep in your heart, you know there’s something special about your sensitivity.

You're right!

The Quiet Superpower

Power of the Heart!

Sensitivity is not loud. You won't hear it or see it... and yet it's one of the most fundamental forces of creation that allow us to experience life... YES, IT'S A BIG DEAL!

Perhaps you're wondering... How can it be a superpower when it sometimes feels more like a burden?

How do you fully embrace your sensitivity when it often hurts to do so?

This is the challenge.

It's time to challenge the limiting beliefs that prevent you from stepping into your sensitivity... And your heart!

Your life experiences might have taught you that that being sensitive is not safe in this world. You might have thought to yourself: “Why would I open my heart in a world that hurts?” 

Society may have taught you that being sensitive is a sign of weakness. 

You might believe that being overwhelmed and drained is part of being sensitive.

These are very common and valid experiences for sensitive people.

They don't have to be!

The problem is, if we don’t fully understand what sensitivity actually is (and what it's not!), we end up creating a story (a belief system) about what we "think" it means to be a sensitive person in the world... but then often feel like it's a burden rather than the gift that it truly is.

But the story is just a story.

Your story might have helped you make sense of your life up until now... 

But you are not the story!

Your heart cannot be limited by a story!

The opportunity in front of you is learning to embrace your sensitivity in a stable and grounded way.

Becasue when you step into your sensitivity, you step into your heart!

Your journey starts with clarity.

The clarity of understanding.

Like any relationship, clarity and understanding brings depth, stability and connection. Creating a deep, stable and connected relationship to your sensitivity also requires clarity and understanding.

As long as you don’t understand what sensitivity actually is (and what it’s not), there will always be confusion in how you relate to your sensitivity - some days it feels like a gift, and other days a heavy burden.

But understanding brings clarity. 

Understanding brings those ah-ha moments, when suddenly it all makes sense - Sensitivity was never the problem!

At an intuitive level you knew it all along, but you hadn't connected the dots yet.

But then you did!

And suddenly, there's a shift. Your relationship to sensitivity is not what it was. There's a sense of validation, a feeling of freedom, and a weight lifted from over your heart.

This comprehensive online course will clear up misconceptions and give you a clear understanding of what sensitivity truly is... so you can understand yourself and why you experience life the way you do.

Hi, I'm Ben Fizell,

I’m a meditation and mindfulness teacher, nature lover, a curious heart centered human being and founder of the Peacekeeper Project.

My mission (and that of the Peacekeeper Project) is to help create a more peaceful and connected world by helping people, just like you, live from your heart.

As an introvert and sensitive person, the topic of sensitivity is something that means a lot to me.

And I know it means a lot to you too!

That’s why you’re here, right?

I believe understanding and embracing sensitivity is one of the most essential life skills for navigating this busy and chaotic modern world grounded in heart.

To create this course I’ve drawn on all my life experiences, especially all I’ve learned over the last 21 years in meditation, mindfulness, consciousness, healing, human connection and understanding the mind, and condensed it into an easy to follow online program.


My deepest wish for you is that you can step into your sensitivity for what it truly is!

To achieve this, it was important to create a course (a journey) that not only gives you a clear understanding of what sensitivity is, so you can make sense of your current life experiences, but also to give you plenty of practical exercises so you can bring that knowledge to life inside yourself.

And this is the key!

Knowing sensitivity as a superpower is not a mental understanding! We can tell our self it’s a gift or superpower all we like, but if we don’t know it from the inside it will only ever be a nice idea, or fantasy, while inside we'll feel like a victim to it.

Knowledge is an important foundation. But when you transform that knowledge into an inner knowing through the practices, then you have something powerful.

A superpower!

Your Sensitivity Is A Superpower!

Learn to know it, and own it, from the inside.

What will this course do for you?

You will first learn the foundations of what sensitivity truly is. Then, through practical exercises you’ll take a deep inner journey by applying and integrating that knowledge into yourself, to fully embrace your sensitivity in a stable and grounded way… so you'll feel strong and confident in living from your heart.

You will learn:

  • What your sensitivity truly is and why it’s a superpower.

  • Why the challenge of being sensitive is actually an opportunity!

  • Why sensitivity can feel like a heavy burden... and what you can do about it!

  • How your emotions, reactions and beliefs all contribute to how you experience life.

  • To understand and work with your emotions and feelings more deeply.

  • How to feel stable and at peace in your sensitivity.

  • How to own your sensitivity so it doesn't own you.

Let go of what you "think" sensitivity is, so you can awaken to what it truly is.

An expression of your heart!

Some course topics include:

But not limited to.

  • What sensitivity is.

  • What sensitiviy is not.

  • Why sensitivity is never the problem.

  • Conscious vs unconscious sensitivity.

  • Sensing and strengthening your energy.

  • Sensitivity, stillness and stablity.

  • Healing and awakening

  • Emotional sensitivity.

  • Creating space

  • Meditation

Course Details

The course consists of over 30 recorded video lessons (theory and practical) broken down into two rounds.

When you register you will receive access to the first round of lessons and practices. 

7 days later, the remaining lessons will be unlocked. The second round of lessons and practices builds on the first, deepening your knowledge, understanding and personal ownership of your sensitivity.


Once you receive access, you can move through the course content at your own pace and in your own time. If you're feeling really inspired, you could go through all of them one after the other... or you can pace yourself.

Remember, it's not about rushing through it, it's about integrating it into your being. You'll be invited to enjoy the practices, be curious and play with them. The sense of curiosity and play creates an opening and lightness in your heart.

Self Responsibility

What you get out of this course will be a result of what you put into it. You can invest your money to receive the knowledge and begin the journey, but if you really want to step into your superpower, you’ll need to invest your time and energy to do the practices.

But don’t worry, the exercises are supposed to be fun as well as challenging. 

Remember, you’re embarking on a special journey. An adventure!...  Into the mysteries of the heart.


  • How long will I have access to this course?

    You will maintain access after the course has finished. As long as the Peacekeeper Project exists, you will have access to this course.

  • How much time will I need?

    The time you invest is up to you. There is no set schedule, but allowing 30 min per day is a good place to start. Remember, there are over 30 video lessons and practical exercises, so you can move through the material at your own pace.

  • I want to do the course but don’t have the time right now.

    That’s ok! You maintain access to the course, so you can get started whenever you’re ready... Having said this, your heart has called you here now for a reason, so I would encourage you to start watching the initial videos and you might just discover that you do have time... because it's important!


You're sensitive to life!

You're connected to life.

You're a sensitive being with a big heart!