Ready to Awaken Your Heart?

This introduction to meditation and the Peacekeeper Project's Heart Space meditation is for anyone who wishes to move beyond the chaos and emotions of their familiar sense of self by learning to quiet the mind and awaken the heart.

Meditation is about breaking the limits of who you think you are and awakening to the reality of who you truly are... 

Beyond the limiting self beliefs, insecurities, stress and the stories and dramas that run through your mind there exists your heart and stillness. 

Meditation will help you...

  • Overcome stress, anxiety or overwhelm

  • Improve focus and concentration

  • Learn to navigate your mind and emotions

  • Build emotional intelligence

  • Find peace and quiet inside yourself

  • Be more present so you can live more fully

  • Connect more deeply to the people you care about

  • Deepen your self awareness

  • Cultivate your superpower - Stillness

Why is meditation so important?

We're living at a time where there is more stress and stress related health issues than ever before, and the ability to quiet your mind is an essential life skill to help you navigate the modern world with a sense of inner peace and clarity... Without a quiet mind we are far more susceptible to stress and overwhelm. Meditation teaches you how to quiet your mind.
Yes, I want to quiet my mind!

Why the heart?

We inherently know the importance of our heart. We know it in the expressions we use; "That person has heart!" or "Listening to your heart"... It's not the physical heart but something much deeper... There is an intelligence here... It's also the part of us that truly connects with others... Through this Heart Space Meditation you will be learning to quiet your mind and begin to awaken your heart.
Why the heart?

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome
  • 2
    • What is Meditation?
    • Noise Pollution
    • How does meditation work?
  • 3
    Intro to the Heart Space Meditation
    • The Heart Space Meditation
    • Sitting for meditation
  • 4
    Guided Heart Space Meditation
    • Heart Space Meditation - Guided Practice
  • 5
    Clarifying the Heart Space Meditation
    • Clarifying the Heart Space Meditation
  • 6
    What is a Peacekeeper?
    • What is a Peacekeeper
  • 7
    What next?
    • What next?


Ben Fizell

Founder of the Peacekeeper Project

I’m a meditation and mindfulness teacher, “stillness coach,” and founder of the Peacekeeper Project. I teach individuals how to quiet the mind, so they can live from the heart.

My curiosity for consciousness and healing has led me into many fields of study, from massage, movement training, and a variety of healing modalities to exploring consciousness through meditation, IST (Inner Space Techniques), yoga, and inner alchemy. 

I’ve had a dedicated personal meditation practice for over 17 years and have worked in the health and wellness industry for as long. I’ve taught in Canada, America and Australia, led men’s mastermind groups, and have been published on websites like Tiny Buddha, Finer Minds and Having Time. 

My understanding of the mind, consciousness and human connection comes from deep personal experience and realizations, not just from books. With over 17 years dedicated personal meditation practice I’ve developed an intuitive approach that effectively teaches people how to find inner peace and clarity amidst the chaos of life. Self sustaining inner well-being for the body and mind.

I teach in-person and online.

I was born and raised by the beaches of Sydney, Australia, and now live by the mountains of North Vancouver, Canada.


  • Will my access to the course expire?

    You will have lifetime access to this course.

  • Do I need to start right away?

    Once you register, you can follow the course at your own pace.

  • I have meditated before. Is this course appropriate for me?

    Yes. This course is for all levels.

  • Is there a cost to this course?

    This course is free. My gift to you.

"Since you alone are responsible for your thoughts, only you can change them." - Paramahansa Yogananda