Quiet Your Mind

Live From Your Heart

Finding Stillness is a comprehensive 21-day meditation and mindfulness online program that teaches you how to quiet your busy mind, so you can reconnect to the peace, clarity and wisdom of your heart.

Beyond the stories and dramas that usually fill your mind, keeping you distracted, stressed and lonely, there's a life of quiet meaning and deeper connection to yourself and others.

"To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders."

Lao Tzu

What Can Finding Stillness Do for You?

Finding a sense of peace and stability while living from your heart amidst the stress and overwhelm of this fast pace modern world is an art. Learning to navigate the chaos of your own mind, not to mention the chaos of the world, requires a deep shift in how you operate... In three weeks, you'll learn how to do just this!

You'll learn how to...

  • Quiet your busy mind.

  • Overcome stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

  • Feel more present, peaceful and clear in all aspects of your life.

  • Live more fully and connect more deeply with the people you care for.

  • Live from your heart in a stable and grounded way, regardless of what the world throws at you.

  • Integrate meditation and mindfulness into your daily life.

  • Understand yourself beyond the stories and dramas of your mind.

Stillness Brings Stability

Stillness Brings Peace

Stillness brings a stability that allows peace to naturally emerge from inside.


Simple, profound and absolutely necessary for the seeker, peacekeeper and big-hearted soul who desires to be a change in the world

Sarah Woods

Ben’s gentle guidance always brings me home to a profound silence within where my peace exists. It's from that place I know and feel infinite possibility for my life, and for this reality. I absolutely love the teachings and meditations Ben shares in Finding Stillness. His guidance acts as an invitation to navigate the heart’s whispers and go within to be the stillness, grounded space of all of who I am. Thoughtful, wise and transformative, Finding Stillness is a beautiful invitation into yourself that has the ability to change everything around you. Simple, profound and absolutely necessary for the seeker, peacekeeper and big-hearted soul who desires to be a change in the world. Thank you, Ben.

Finding Stillness is more than a collection of meditation and mindfulness techniques.

This is a journey into yourself.

  • To awaken your heart.
  • To connect with the profound stillness and peace that resides deep inside you.
  • To inspire a sense of curiosity, enthusiasm and wonder for the mysteries of life.
  • To awaken your sensitivity to life.

… and when you quiet your mind, you can live from your heart in a stable and grounded way!

Yes, there are meditation and mindfulness techniques to follow and practice. Living from your heart amidst the chaos of the world will require some inner work, but through Finding Stillness there is a broader realization - you are part of something greater than yourself. 

What you will achieve on this journey goes far beyond you. Your stillness and heart ripples into the lives of others.

Who you are does make an impact in the lives of others!


Love this gift to the world Ben! Thank YOU!

Gaia Sophia

I have been sharing the Peacekeeper Project's Finding Stillness course with each and every client that sees me for energy healing. It’s an empowering method to get beyond the mind to the place where all of Creation stems from, the heart. Since the beginning, my panic attacks have subsided and my business has grown immensely. I know this is because I am accessing the heart in a consistent way now. I am beyond grateful.

Some Course Topics

These are a small handful of what's covered in Finding Stillness

  • Understand how meditation and mindfulness works.

  • How to integrate the practices into your daily life for greater peace, joy and connection.

  • How to make your meditations more tangible (more real).

  • Mindful vs Mindless - The key to happiness.

  • Common challenges and setting yourself up for success.

  • The deep connection between your heart and stillness.

  • The power of curiosity, wonder and understanding.

  • The connection between stillness, creativity and inspiration.

  • Meditation is far more than relaxation.

  • Guided meditations and mindfulness practices.

How Does Finding Stillness Work?

Each day new content is released, containing video lessons and guided practices. Building on previous days, you'll gradually be led over 21 days to expand your knowledge and deepen your experience and skills as you explore the landscapes of your mind, awaken your heart and connect to the stillness inside yourself... Creating a momentum into the rest of your life.

How much time will you need?

Between the video lessons and the various practices it's recommended that you set aside roughly 30 minutes per day.

Finding Stillness is designed to be immersive over 21 days, so naturally, the more dedicated you are the more you'll get out of it. 

If you simply don't have 21 days to commit don't worry, you can follow at your own pace. The lessons and practices will lead you into stillness on your own schedule.


Finding Stillness

Jill Cunningham

Taking the 21 day Finding Stillness meditation course is the single most important gift you can give yourself. The guided meditations take you beyond your mind to a place of stillness. In this stillness, you release stress, trauma, upsetting events and anything else that is keeping you from being the best you can be and having the joy you deserve. Every word of the lessons is taught with kindness and compassion as Ben generously shares his knowledge and experience. Taking this course totally changed my life and I now have stillness and feel joy in my heart. Like everything in life, you get out of the course what you put into it. I can go to my place of stillness now and have the clarity to make good life decisions. Since finishing the course, I continue to meditate everyday because it feels so good to keep nurturing my heart and having the peace and joy of stillness. Thank you Ben!

Life Changing!

Joan Rogers

I chose to do Ben’s Finding Stillness course because I was feeling anxious and stressed. At first, I had difficulty sitting still for the meditations, but I am pleased that I persisted! In a couple of days I was very comfortable meditating for 30 minutes and I was feeling very calm and peaceful. In stressful situations I was able to recall "Stillness" and immediately feel calm. The best effect: I had Hypertension for many years and was on blood pressure medication. NOW my blood pressure is normal, and I no longer require any medication. The ongoing benefit is enjoying each day feeling calm, happy and peaceful. A big thank you Ben!

Amazing & Insightful Experience

Kelly Pryor

If you asked me on Day 1 how I was enjoying this course, you would’ve received a rather negative, frustrated, & grumpy response. I chose to stick with it, taking a cue from my cat, and moving forward with curiosity and patience. I’m so thankful for this experience because it changed my perception of myself and the world around me. I had to remind myself why I was here and that also that change isn’t always pleasant but it’s necessary if you want to move beyond the place you’ve been living. I am so much more aware of my old habits of negative thinking and am able to more easily move away from them when they occur. Thank you for this course. I am so grateful for all I’ve learned here.♥️

Finding Stillness

Dara Draconis

I started this course a couple months ago and got halfway through realizing that I was not giving it my full attention. I decided to give myself a few weeks and come back to the course when I was committed to giving it my full effort/attention. I started over, paying attention, being consistent, and being mindful that I would get out of this experience as much success as the effort I put into this course. My small daughter became very interested in my journey of mindfulness/finding stillness and wanted Ben Fizell to know that his perspective really makes perfect sense because "If being mindful is giving the thing in front of you your full attention, then always be mindful because what lies ahead of you is your life."

Moving into ease


I’m very grateful for this course. I had two defining experiences during this journey. The first was a realization that I spent my days dwelling in a “background” of anxiety. With the help of Ben’s teachings, I came to understand my emotional habit of falling into an anxious state. Now, I’m enjoying the skills of being able to shift my state to more peace and calm. This really hit home for me in the final days of Finding Stillness. I was in a serious conversation with a client, and an intense wave of grief and overwhelm came over me. This would usually create anxiety and difficulty being present, but here I was able to simply observe, feel and process these emotions in the moment. In less than a minute they passed! I was very pleased to realize I was capable of holding a safe space for myself as well as for my client. I was able to observe my own inner state, while remaining present and connected to my client. This was big realization for me, as I’ve had an unconscious belief my whole life that when I feel a certain emotion it must mean that I am that, so I’d present myself and behave as though I am that emotion. Over the past few weeks of this course I’m learning that I can choose how I act, regardless of what emotions are coming up. I’m not the emotion. Ben’s Finding Stillness course has helped me to be more calm in life where usually I’d be anxious. So much more freedom!


  • Will my access to the course expire?

    You will retain access to the course, including any material that might be added at a future date. You can repeat any of the lessons whenever you like. As long as the Peacekeeper Project exists you will have access.

  • The course is 21 days. What if I don't have 21 consecutive days to do it?

    This is fine. The course has been created to follow over 21 days, however you can follow it at your own pace. If you miss days, simply pick up where ever you left off.

  • I've never meditated before. Is this course appropriate for me?

    Yes. This course is appropriate for all levels of meditation experience. There is both theory and practices. Theory helps you understand why you're doing what you're doing, while the practices are what create the life changes.

  • I have meditated before. Is this course appropriate for me?

    Yes. This course is for all levels. Many people have tried meditation and mindfulness, but not everyone has made it work in their life. The goal of this course is to strengthen your ability to quiet your mind, to impact all areas of your life.

  • Do I have to sit cross legged to meditate?

    No. There are several options you have which will be described on day 1.

  • I often experience stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Will this course help me?

    Yes. Stress, anxiety and overwhelm are a symptom of a lack of stillness inside you. As you learn to quiet your mind and become sensitive to stillness, you naturally become more calm, clear and present.

  • What time is the daily content released?

    New content is released every 24 hours for three week based on the time you register.

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    I'm confident that if you follow this course and do the practices as described, you will see results. Please keep in mind this does require effort on your part. What you get out of it will be a reflection of what you put into it. If after 10 days of practicing you don't feel like you received anything I will refund your money.

What's the Investment?

$397 US

Navigate the chaos and uncertainty of the world grounded in the stillness of your heart.


Hi, I'm Ben Fizell,

I’m a meditation and mindfulness teacher, “stillness coach”, nature lover, a curious and heart centered human being, and founder of the Peacekeeper Project.

My mission (and that of the Peacekeeper Project) is to help create a more peaceful and connected world by helping people just like you quiet your busy mind, so you can live from your Heart.

I believe stillness is a superpower available to everyone, and an essential life skills for navigating this busy modern world grounded in peace, connection and heart.

My curiosity for consciousness and healing has led me into many fields of study, from massage, movement training, and a variety of healing modalities to exploring consciousness through meditation and meditation based therapies, mindfulness, yoga, and inner alchemy. 

I’ve had a dedicated personal meditation practice for over 20 years and have worked in the health and wellness industry for as long. I’ve taught in Canada, America and Australia, led men’s mastermind groups, and have been published on websites like Tiny Buddha, Mindvalley and Having Time. 

My understanding of the mind, consciousness and human connection comes from deep personal experience and realizations, not just from books. This, combined with many years of helping others to meditate, find stillness and understand their emotions, I’ve developed an intuitive approach that effectively teaches people how to find inner peace and clarity amidst the chaos of life.

I was born and raised by the beaches of Sydney, Australia, and now live by the mountains of North Vancouver, Canada.

Your Guarantee

To give you peace of mind that you're making the right decision, you have 10 days to test it risk-free, and see the results for yourself.

If after 10 days you don't feel happy with your results so far, contact us and we will refund your money.

YOUR future depends on what YOU do today!

Your actions create your future... But your thoughts create your actions. If you don't know how to navigate the landscapes of your own mind, then your actions may not lead you where you want to go.

Finding Stillness will teach you the skills to navigate your mind so you can engage the world with inner peace, clarity and deeper connection.


Are you ready to live from your Heart?

Start Your Journey Now!